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Failure type i386 amd64 sparc powerpc armel ia64
arch (F) Package failed to build 27 24 129 71 129 168
arch (M) Package is waiting on another package 21 4 25 10 54 75
arch (C) Failure in the chroot
arch (U) Failed to upload 1

main: 28 packages (top)

Package Version i386 amd64 sparc powerpc armel ia64
acpica-unix 20090521-1 sparc (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
compiz 1:0.8.4-0ubuntu15 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
emacs23 23.1+1-4ubuntu7 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
ffmpeg 4:0.5.1-1ubuntu1 powerpc (F) → Log PTS BTS
kdeadmin 4:4.4.2-0ubuntu1 sparc (M) → Log PTS BTS
kdeartwork 4:4.4.2-0ubuntu1 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
kdebase 4:4.4.2-0ubuntu2 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
kdebindings 4:4.4.2-0ubuntu2 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
kdeedu 4:4.4.2-0ubuntu2 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
kdepim 4:4.4.2-0ubuntu5 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
kdeplasma-addons 4:4.4.2-0ubuntu1 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
4:4.4.2-0ubuntu2 (Proposed) sparc (F) → Log
kdetoys 4:4.4.2-0ubuntu1 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
kdeutils 4:4.4.2-0ubuntu1 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
ktorrent 3.3.4+dfsg.1-1ubuntu2 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
libgcrypt11 1.4.4-5ubuntu2 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
libplist 1.1-1ubuntu1 sparc (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log PTS BTS
libunwind 0.99-0.2 i386 (F) → Log amd64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
libvirt 0.7.5-5ubuntu27 sparc (M) → Log PTS BTS
libx86 1.1+ds1-6 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
likewise-open sparc (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
llvm 2.7-0ubuntu1 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
mysql-dfsg-5.1 5.1.41-3ubuntu12 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
plasma-widget-networkmanagement 0.9~svn1112085-0ubuntu4 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
powertop 1.11+git20091208-0ubuntu1 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
ps3-kboot 1.6-2build1 powerpc (F) → Log PTS BTS
tickcount 0.1-0ubuntu10 sparc (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log PTS BTS
virtuoso-opensource 6.1.0-0ubuntu3 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
webkit 1.2.0-1 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS

restricted: 0 packages (top)

universe: 434 packages (top)

Package Version i386 amd64 sparc powerpc armel ia64
a7xpg 0.11.dfsg1-4 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
acl2 3.6-4 armel (M) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
aften 0.0.8+git20100105-0ubuntu1 powerpc (F) → Log PTS BTS
agda 2.2.6-3 ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
agda-bin 2.2.6-1build1 ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
agda-stdlib 0.3-1ubuntu2 ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
aircrack-ng 1:1.0-1 sparc (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log PTS BTS
alex 2.2-0.2 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
alsoft-conf 1.4.3-1 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
anjal 0.3.1+really0.0.1+git20090909.d0a14f2b-0ubuntu1 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
apt-rpm 0.5.15lorg3.2-6 powerpc (F) → Log PTS BTS
arbtt 0.4.4-1 powerpc (F) → Log ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
aspectc++ 1.0pre4~svn.20090918-1 sparc (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log PTS BTS
asymptote 1.88-2 sparc (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log PTS BTS
atlas 3.6.0-24ubuntu1 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
axiom 20091101-7 armel (M) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
banshee 1.6.0-1 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
beagle 0.3.9-3ubuntu3 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
binutils-m68hc1x 1:2.18-3 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
binutils-z80 2.18.50-0ubuntu1 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
botan1.8 1.8.6-2 sparc (F) → Log armel (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
boxbackup 0.11~rc3~r2502-2 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
brickos 0.9.0.dfsg-6 armel (M) → Log PTS BTS
bustle 0.2.1-1 ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
cacao 0.99.4-1 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
chicken 4.2.0-1 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
chromium-browser 5.0.342.9~r43360-0ubuntu2 sparc (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
chromium-codecs-ffmpeg 0.5+svn20100406r43776+43984+43918-0ubuntu1 sparc (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
clang 2.7-0ubuntu1 ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
coq 8.2.pl1+dfsg-6 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
cpphs 1.9-2 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
crystalspace 1.4.0~svn32711-1 powerpc (F) → Log armel (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
csh 20070713-2ubuntu1 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
csound 1:5.10.1~dfsg1-3ubuntu3 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
darcs 2.3.0-3 ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
darcs-buildpackage ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
darkroom 1.5.0~svn1037635-0ubuntu3 sparc (M) → Log ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
deal.ii 6.2.1-2 sparc (F) → Log armel (M) → Log PTS BTS
dietlibc 0.31-1.2ubuntu2 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
dolfin 0.9.7-1 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
doxymacs 1.8.0-6 ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
dvipsk-ja 5.96+jp1.7a-3.1build1 i386 (F) → Log amd64 (F) → Log sparc (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log armel (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
dynare 4.0.4-6build1 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
easymp3gain 0.5.0-2 armel (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
ecl 9.6.1-1ubuntu1 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
ecs 2.0.0.beta2-2build1 armel (M) → Log PTS BTS
ed2k-hash 0.3.3+deb1-1 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
eigenbase-farrago 0.9.0-1 i386 (M) → Log PTS BTS
eigenbase-resgen i386 (M) → Log PTS BTS
elmerfem 5.5.0.svn.4262.dfsg-1ubuntu1 sparc (F) → Log armel (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
emacs-snapshot 1:20090909-1 armel (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
emacs22 22.2-0ubuntu9 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
emms 3.0-6 ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
emoslib 000380+dfsg-1 powerpc (F) → Log PTS BTS
enigmail 2:1.0.1-0ubuntu1 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
epiphany-browser 2.30.2-1ubuntu1 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
epiphany-extensions 2.30.0-4 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
eprover 1.0.004-1ubuntu1 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
eresi 1:0.8a25-2ubuntu1 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
eweouz 0.5 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
fcoe-utils 1.0.9-0ubuntu2 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
ffcall 1.10+2.41-3 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
fgetty 0.6-5build1 armel (M) → Log PTS BTS
fgfs-atlas 0.3.1-1ubuntu1 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
flphoto 1.3.1-0ubuntu4 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
fluidsynth-dssi 0.9.1-3ubuntu4 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
fnord 1.10-4 sparc (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log armel (M) → Log PTS BTS
foo-plugins 1.0-0ubuntu1 sparc (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log armel (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
fpc 2.4.0-2 armel (M) → Log PTS BTS
freecad 0.9.2646.5-1 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
freej 0.10git20081231-0ubuntu3 armel (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
freemat 4.0-2ubuntu1 armel (M) → Log PTS BTS
fso-abyss 0.9.0-1 sparc (M) → Log PTS BTS
fso-usaged 0.9.1+git20091016-2 amd64 (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
ftphs 1.0.7-1 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
fuse-umfuse-ext2 0.3-1 sparc (M) → Log armel (M) → Log ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
fuse-umfuse-fat 0.1a-1 sparc (M) → Log armel (M) → Log ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
fuse-umfuse-iso9660 0.2b-1build1 sparc (M) → Log armel (M) → Log ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
gambc 4.2.8-1.1 armel (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
ganeti-htools 0.2.2-1 i386 (F) → Log amd64 (F) → Log sparc (F) → Log powerpc (M) → Log armel (F) → Log ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
gauche 0.8.13-1 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
gauche-c-wrapper 0.5.4-2 armel (M) → Log PTS BTS
gauche-gl 0.4.4-3 armel (M) → Log PTS BTS
gauche-gtk 0.4.1-9 armel (M) → Log PTS BTS
gcc-h8300-hms 1:3.4.6-5 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
gcc-m68hc1x 1:3.3.6+3.1+dfsg-3 armel (M) → Log PTS BTS
gcc-snapshot 20100414-0ubuntu1 armel (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
gcl 2.6.7-56 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
gclcvs 2.7.0-96 i386 (F) → Log amd64 (F) → Log sparc (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log armel (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
gdal 1.6.3-3build2 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
gdb-m68hc1x 1:6.4+3.1+dfsg-5 armel (M) → Log PTS BTS
gearhead 1.100-1 armel (M) → Log ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
gearhead2 0.612-1 armel (M) → Log ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
gears sparc (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
gem 1:0.92.2-2 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
genesis 2.2.1-12build1 armel (M) → Log PTS BTS
genius 1.0.8-1 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
gfxboot-examples 4.1.41-1.1-1 i386 (M) → Log PTS BTS
gfxboot-themes 4.1.41-1.1-1 i386 (M) → Log PTS BTS
ghc6 6.12.1-12 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
gjs 0.5-1ubuntu2 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
gnash 0.8.7-0ubuntu1 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
gnat 4.4+1ubuntu1 armel (U) → Log PTS BTS
gnome-shell 2.28.1~git20091125-1 sparc (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
gnudatalanguage 0.9~rc1-1.1ubuntu4 armel (M) → Log PTS BTS
gnumach 2:1.3.99.dfsg.git20091128-1 i386 (M) → Log PTS BTS
gnuradio 3.2.2.dfsg-1ubuntu1 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
google-perftools 0.98-1ubuntu1 powerpc (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
gpsdrive 2.10~pre4-6.dfsg-3ubuntu4 sparc (F) → Log armel (M) → Log PTS BTS
graphviz-cairo 2.8-4 i386 (F) → Log amd64 (F) → Log sparc (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log armel (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
grass 6.4.0~rc5+39438-1build2 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
gtk2hs 0.10.1-4 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
gunroar 0.15.dfsg1-3 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
guppy 0.1.9-1 sparc (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log PTS BTS
gwget2 1.0.4-1.1 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
h5py 1.2.1-2ubuntu1 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
h5utils 1.12-2build1 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
happy 1.17-0.2 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
harden-doc 3.13.2 i386 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-alut ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-arrows ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-binary ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-cabal-install 0.8.0-1 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-cgi 3001.1.7.1-3 ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-configfile 1.0.6-1 ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-convertible 1.0.9-1 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-curl 1.3.5-4ubuntu1 powerpc (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-dataenc ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-diff 0.1.2-5 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-digest ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-edison-api 1.2.1-12 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-edison-core ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-editline ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-fgl ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-ghc-paths ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-glut ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-hashed-storage 0.3.9-1 ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-haskeline ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-haskell-src ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-hgl ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-hlist 2.0+darcs20070929-2 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-hsh 2.0.3-2 ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-hsql 1.7.1-2 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-hsql-mysql 1.7.1-4ubuntu3 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-hsql-odbc 1.7.1-2 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-hsql-postgresql 1.7.3-3 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-hsql-sqlite3 1.7.1-2 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-html ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-http 40000006-3 ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-hunit ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-ifelse 0.85-2 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-irc ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-json 0.4.3-3 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-language-c ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-lazysmallcheck 0.5-1 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-mmap 0.5.4-1 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-monadcatchio-mtl ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-mtl ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-network ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-openal ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-opengl ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-parallel ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-parsec 3.0.1-1 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-parsec2 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-pcre-light ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-polyparse 1.3-2 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-quickcheck ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-quickcheck1 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-regex-base 0.93.1-6 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-regex-compat 0.92-4 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-regex-posix 0.93.2-5 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-safe 0.2-2 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-src-exts 1.3.0-2 armel (F) → Log ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-stm ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-stream 0.4.1-1 ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-tagsoup 0.6-2.2 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-terminfo ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-testpack 1.0.0-4ubuntu2 ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-texmath ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-time ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-uniplate 1.3-2 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-unixutils 1.22-2 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-uulib 0.9.10-1 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-vty ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-x11 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-x11-xft 0.3-5 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-xhtml 3000.2.0.1-6 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-xml 1.3.5-2 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-zip-archive ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
haskell-zlib ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskelldb 0.12-5 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haskelldb-hdbc 0.13-1ubuntu1 ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
haskelldb-hdbc-odbc 0.13-1ubuntu1 ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
haskelldb-hdbc-postgresql 0.13-1ubuntu1 ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
haskelldb-hdbc-sqlite3 0.13-1ubuntu1 ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
hat 2.05+rerolled-7ubuntu1 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
haveged 0.9-1 armel (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
haxml 1:1.13.3-3 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
hdbc 2.2.3-2 ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
hdbc-odbc ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
hdbc-postgresql ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
hdbc-sqlite3 ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
hdf5 1.8.4-5 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
hedgewars 0.9.13-1 armel (M) → Log ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
helium 1.6-6 ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
highlighting-kate ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
hlint 1.6.12-1 armel (F) → Log ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
hmake 3.14-2ubuntu1 ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
hol88 2.02.19940316-9 armel (M) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
hpcc 1.4.0-1 powerpc (F) → Log armel (M) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
hpodder armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
hscolour 1.16-1 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
hslogger 1.0.9-1 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
ia32-libs 2.7ubuntu25 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
igstk 4.2.0-2 sparc (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
ii-esu 1.0a.dfsg1-1 sparc (F) → Log armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
imapcopy 1.01+20060420-1 powerpc (F) → Log PTS BTS
iml 1.0.3-4 armel (M) → Log PTS BTS
imview 1.1.9c-5 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
indi-apogee 1.0-0ubuntu1 sparc (M) → Log powerpc (M) → Log PTS BTS
insighttoolkit 3.16.0-1 sparc (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
inteltool 0.0+r4091-1.1 sparc (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log armel (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
isdnutils 1:3.12.20071127-0ubuntu6 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
jblas 0.3-1 armel (M) → Log PTS BTS
jconv 0.8.1-1build1 ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
jhdf 2.6-1 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
jppy 0.0.54-1 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
kamoso 1.0.5-0ubuntu1 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
katoob ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
kawari8 8.2.8-2 armel (M) → Log PTS BTS
kaya 0.4.4-2ubuntu1 ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
kde-style-bespin 0.1~svn100126-0ubuntu2 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
kdevelop 4:4.0.0-0ubuntu1 (Backports) sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
keysafe sparc (F) → Log armel (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
kgb-bot 1.01-3 i386 (M) → Log PTS BTS
kmysqladmin 0.7.2-1ubuntu4 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
koffice 1:2.1.2-0ubuntu1 sparc (M) → Log armel (F) → Log ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
kopete-cryptography 1.3.0-kde4.4.0-0ubuntu2 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
kradio 4.0.0-0ubuntu3 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
ksimus-datarecorder 0.3.6-13 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
ksimus-floatingpoint 0.3.6-13 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
ktoon 0.8.1-4.1 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
kwave 0.8.5-0ubuntu1 powerpc (F) → Log PTS BTS
lazarus armel (M) → Log PTS BTS
lcd4linux 0.10.1~rc2-4build1 sparc (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log PTS BTS
ldap-haskell 0.6.6-1 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
ldc 0.9.1+hg1596-3 sparc (F) → Log ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
libalog 0.3-2 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
libapogee2 2.2-0ubuntu1 sparc (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log PTS BTS
libbio-samtools-perl 1.09-1 sparc (M) → Log PTS BTS
libbio-scf-perl 1.03-1 armel (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
libccc 0.0.5-0ubuntu2 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
libcgns 2.5.4-2build1 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
libcgroup 0.34-0ubuntu2 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
libcomplearn-mod-ppmd 1.0.7-2 amd64 (M) → Log ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
libcomplearn-mod-ppmdx 1.0.7-2 amd64 (M) → Log ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
libcoro-perl 5.210-1 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
libexplain 0.19.D001-1 sparc (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log PTS BTS
libffi-ruby 0.6.2debian-5 armel (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
libfsotransport sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
libgdal-grass 1.6.2-3 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
libgimp-perl 2.0.dfsg+2.2pre1.dfsg-5 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
libgrapple 0.9.1-0ubuntu2 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
libgroboutils-java 5-1 i386 (M) → Log PTS BTS
libgsm0710mux 0.9.0-1 sparc (M) → Log PTS BTS
libgtk2-mozembed-perl 0.08-2ubuntu1 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
libkinosearch-perl 0.165-1 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
liblas 1.2.1-1 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
libmecab-java 0.98-5 sparc (F) → Log armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
libmesh 0.6.3.dfsg~rc1-1ubuntu1 sparc (F) → Log armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
libopensync-plugin-syncml 0.22-2build1 i386 (F) → Log amd64 (F) → Log sparc (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log armel (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
libowfat 0.27-1build1 armel (M) → Log PTS BTS
libpadre-plugin-perltidy-perl 0.08-1 i386 (M) → Log PTS BTS
libpfm3-3.2 3.2.070507-1.1 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
libpoe-component-client-dns-perl 1:1.051-1 i386 (F) → Log PTS BTS
libpoe-component-client-http-perl 0.893-1 i386 (M) → Log PTS BTS
libpoe-component-client-keepalive-perl 0.2620-1 i386 (M) → Log PTS BTS
libqtgtl 0.9.0-0ubuntu1 sparc (F) → Log ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
libspring-2.5-java 2.5.6.SEC01-7 i386 (M) → Log PTS BTS
libsys-statistics-linux-perl 0.56-1 i386 (F) → Log PTS BTS
libsys-virt-perl 0.2.3-1 sparc (M) → Log PTS BTS
libtango 0.99.8+svn5259.dfsg-2 sparc (M) → Log ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
liburcu 0.3.2-1 sparc (F) → Log armel (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
libv8 2.0.3-2 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
lilypond 2.12.3-4 sparc (F) → Log armel (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
linbox 1.1.6~rc0-4 armel (M) → Log PTS BTS
lipsia 1.6.0-3 armel (M) → Log PTS BTS
llvm-py 0.5+svn85-1 sparc (F) → Log ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
loop-aes-utils 2.15.1~rc1-2ubuntu1 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
lua-rexlib 2.4.0-1 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
lustre i386 (F) → Log amd64 (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
magic-haskell 1.0.8-2ubuntu1 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
magics++ 2.8.0.dfsg-4 sparc (M) → Log powerpc (M) → Log armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
mapnik 0.7.0-2ubuntu1 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
matita 0.5.8-2build2 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
maxima 5.20.1-5ubuntu1 armel (M) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
mina 1.1.7.dfsg-7 i386 (M) → Log PTS BTS
mina2 2.0.0~RC1+dfsg-1 i386 (M) → Log PTS BTS
minc 2.0.18-1build1 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
minit 0.10-5build1 armel (M) → Log PTS BTS
missingh ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
mlpcap 0.9-15build1 armel (M) → Log PTS BTS
mlton 20091212~svn-r7383 amd64 (F) → Log ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
mol powerpc (F) → Log PTS BTS
mol-drivers-linux 0.9.70+1-2 powerpc (F) → Log PTS BTS
mondrian 4.0.0~svn13109-1 i386 (M) → Log PTS BTS
monotone 0.45-2 sparc (F) → Log armel (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
moon 2.2-0ubuntu1 sparc (F) → Log armel (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
mpatrol 1.4.8-12ubuntu1 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
mu-cade 0.11.dfsg1-4build1 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
musescore 0.9.6~beta1+dfsg-0ubuntu1 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
music 1.0.6-1 armel (M) → Log PTS BTS
mustang 3.2.1-1 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
mysql++ 3.0.9-1ubuntu2 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
ncpfs 2.2.6-7 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
necpp 1.3.0+cvs20090101-1ubuntu2 sparc (M) → Log armel (M) → Log PTS BTS
ngetty 0.4-1 armel (M) → Log PTS BTS
nikwi 0.0.20060823-2 sparc (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log PTS BTS
nip2 7.20.6-1ubuntu3 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
nordugrid-arc-nox i386 (F) → Log amd64 (F) → Log sparc (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log armel (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
notmuch 0.0+201001211401 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
oaklisp 1.3.3-3 i386 (M) → Log sparc (M) → Log powerpc (M) → Log armel (M) → Log PTS BTS
octave-communications 1.0.10-1build1 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
odin 1.8.1-1 armel (M) → Log PTS BTS
odyssey 0.4-2.2 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
openafs 1.4.12+dfsg-3 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
openbios-ppc 1.0+svn505-1 i386 (F) → Log PTS BTS
openbios-sparc 1.0-1 i386 (F) → Log PTS BTS
opencity sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
opengtl 0.9.12-0ubuntu2 sparc (F) → Log ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
openmpi 1.4.1-2 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
openmsx 0.7.2-4 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
openscenegraph 2.8.1-1.1build1 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
openturns 0.13.1-1ubuntu1 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
osmosis 0.31.2-2 i386 (M) → Log PTS BTS
pandoc ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
papaya 0.97.20031122-5.5 powerpc (F) → Log PTS BTS
paraview 3.4.0-4ubuntu6 sparc (F) → Log armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
parsec47 0.2.dfsg1-1build1 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
pencil 0.4.4b-0ubuntu2 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
petsc 3.0.0.dfsg-6ubuntu1 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
petsc4py 0.7.5-5build1 sparc (M) → Log armel (M) → Log PTS BTS
php-imlib 0.7-1build1 i386 (F) → Log amd64 (F) → Log sparc (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log armel (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
pivy 0.5.0~svn765-2 powerpc (F) → Log PTS BTS
plasma-widget-droptoimageshack 0.5.2-0ubuntu1 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
plasma-widget-smooth-tasks 0.0~wip20100227-0ubuntu1 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
plplot 5.9.5-3 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
plt-scheme 4.2.1-1 armel (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
pmud 0.10-11 powerpc (F) → Log PTS BTS
polybori 0.5~rc1-2.1 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
powerpc-ibm-utils 1.1.0-1 powerpc (F) → Log PTS BTS
procserv 2.5.0-5 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
projectl 1.001.dfsg1-2 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
pymol 1.2r1-3 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
pyqwt3d 0.1.7~cvs20090625-3build2 i386 (F) → Log amd64 (F) → Log sparc (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log armel (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
qprof 0.5.2-5ubuntu1 powerpc (F) → Log PTS BTS
qtjambi 4.4.3-0ubuntu3 sparc (F) → Log armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
quik 2.1-9 powerpc (F) → Log PTS BTS
rabbit 0.6.1-1 i386 (M) → Log PTS BTS
radare 1:1.4-1ubuntu1 sparc (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
red5 0.9~svn3968-2 i386 (M) → Log PTS BTS
refcard 5.0.5-1 i386 (F) → Log PTS BTS
root-system 5.18.00-2.3ubuntu4 sparc (F) → Log armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
ruby1.9 i386 (F) → Log PTS BTS
salinfo 1.2-2 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
samtools 0.1.7a~dfsg-1 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
sbcl 1: sparc (M) → Log powerpc (M) → Log PTS BTS
scheme2c 1993.3.15.2-7 i386 (F) → Log amd64 (F) → Log sparc (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log armel (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
scidavis 0.2.3-1ubuntu1 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
scilab 5.2.1-8 sparc (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log armel (M) → Log PTS BTS
scilab-overload 1.3.2-2 sparc (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log armel (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
scilab-scimax 2.1.1-1 sparc (M) → Log powerpc (M) → Log armel (M) → Log ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
scilab-scimysql 0.1.1-2 sparc (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log armel (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
sdd 1.52-14 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
seamonkey 2.0.4+nobinonly-0ubuntu1 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
semantik 0.7.2-0ubuntu2 armel (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
ser 2.0.0-2build1 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
setools 3.3.6.ds-6ubuntu1 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
sivp 0.5.0-1ubuntu3 sparc (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
ski 1.3.2-4 sparc (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
slicer 3.4.0~svn10438-3ubuntu1 sparc (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
slidentd 1.0.0-6.1ubuntu1 armel (M) → Log PTS BTS
spring sparc (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log armel (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
spring-engine 0.81.2-0ubuntu1 sparc (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log armel (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
srtp 1.4.4~dfsg-2 sparc (F) → Log armel (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
ssreflect 1.2+dfsg-3build1 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
star 1.5final-2ubuntu2 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
stlport5.2 5.2.1-5 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
sugar-chat-activity-0.86 66-3 i386 (M) → Log PTS BTS
tagua 1.0~alpha2-8 powerpc (F) → Log armel (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
tap-plugins 0.7.1-0ubuntu1 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
tatan 1.0.dfsg1-1 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
thuban 1.2.1-1ubuntu2 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
tiles 2.2.1-1 i386 (M) → Log PTS BTS
titanion 0.3.dfsg1-2 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
tokyocabinet 1.4.23-1 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
torus-trooper 0.22.dfsg1-5build1 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
trilinos 10.0.4.dfsg-1 armel (M) → Log PTS BTS
tumiki-fighters 0.2.dfsg1-3build1 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
tuxcmd 0.6.70+dfsg-1 armel (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
tuxcmd-modules 0.6.70+ds-1 armel (M) → Log ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
uclibc amd64 (F) → Log sparc (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log armel (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
ugene 1.5.2+repack-0ubuntu1 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
uim 1:1.5.7-2ubuntu1 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
unetbootin 408-1 sparc (M) → Log powerpc (M) → Log armel (M) → Log ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
usplash-theme-sabily 1.6 ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
usplash-theme-ubuntu 0.27 ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
usplash-theme-ubuntu-color 0.27 ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
usplash-theme-ubuntume 1.5 ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
usplash-theme-ubuntustudio 0.20 ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
util-vserver 0.30.216~r2842-2ubuntu2 armel (M) → Log PTS BTS
uuagc 0.9.18-0ubuntu1 ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
val-and-rick 0.1a.dfsg1-2build1 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
valkyrie 1.4.0-2 sparc (M) → Log armel (F) → Log ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
vcs-tree 0.4.0a-1 sparc (M) → Log powerpc (F) → Log PTS BTS
via 1.6.0-2 armel (M) → Log PTS BTS
vnc4 4.1.1+xorg4.3.0-37ubuntu2 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
washngo 2.12-6build2 armel (F) → Log ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
whitelister 0.8-5 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
why 2.23+dfsg-2 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
widelands 1:14-3ubuntu1 sparc (F) → Log armel (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
wine1.2 1.1.42-0ubuntu4 sparc (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log armel (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
winff 1.2.0-1ubuntu2 armel (M) → Log ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
wordnet 1:3.0-22 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
xenomai 2.4.8-2ubuntu1 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
xindy 2.3-2 sparc (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log armel (M) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
xmobar 0.9.2-1 ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
xmonad 0.9.1-2 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
xmonad-contrib 0.9.1-1 ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
xnecview 1.35-5.1 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
xserver-xorg-video-glide 1.0.3-1 amd64 (M) → Log sparc (M) → Log powerpc (M) → Log armel (M) → Log ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
z88dk 1.8.ds1-6 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
zfs-fuse 0.6.0-1 sparc (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log armel (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
zzuf 0.13-1 i386 (F) → Log amd64 (F) → Log sparc (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log armel (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS

multiverse: 24 packages (top)

Package Version i386 amd64 sparc powerpc armel ia64
arb 0.0.20071207.1-7ubuntu1 amd64 (F) → Log armel (F) → Log ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
basilisk2 0.9.20070407-4 i386 (F) → Log amd64 (F) → Log sparc (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log armel (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
crafty 23.1-1 sparc (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log armel (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
dssi-vst 0.8-2ubuntu1 i386 (F) → Log amd64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
dynamips 0.2.7-0.2.8RC2-4 armel (F) → Log PTS BTS
eagle 5.7.0-2 sparc (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log armel (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
ffmpeg-extra 4:0.5.1-1ubuntu1 powerpc (F) → Log PTS BTS
indi-sbig 1.0-0ubuntu1 sparc (M) → Log powerpc (M) → Log armel (M) → Log ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
jfractionlab 0.83-2 i386 (F) → Log PTS BTS
libdbd-informix-perl 2008.0513-1 i386 (F) → Log PTS BTS
libdbd-oracle-perl 1.21-2 i386 (M) → Log amd64 (M) → Log sparc (M) → Log powerpc (M) → Log armel (M) → Log ia64 (M) → Log PTS BTS
libvideo-info-perl 0.993-1 amd64 (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
mbrola 3.01h-4 sparc (F) → Log PTS BTS
mgltools-opengltk 1.5.4.cvs.20090603-1ubuntu1 i386 (F) → Log amd64 (F) → Log sparc (F) → Log powerpc (F) → Log armel (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
mocka 9905-3.1 i386 (F) → Log PTS BTS
mol-drivers-macosx powerpc (F) → Log PTS BTS
mythplugins 0.23.0+fixes24104-0ubuntu2 sparc (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
mythtv 0.23.0+fixes24158-0ubuntu2 sparc (F) → Log ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
ogre-contrib 1.6.4-1 i386 (F) → Log amd64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
pose 3.5-9.1ubuntu2 amd64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
pycg 0.14.1-2 i386 (F) → Log amd64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
qvamps 0.98-0.0ubuntu2 amd64 (F) → Log PTS BTS
sdlmame 0.136-0ubuntu2 powerpc (F) → Log PTS BTS
warsow 0.50+dfsg1-1 ia64 (F) → Log PTS BTS

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